We have gone to lengths with legal advice to adopt Terms and Conditions that are based around the principals of simplicity, openness and fairness.


“We” when referred to in this document always refers to Must Have Dresses. “You” when referred to in this document always means the customer.

If you have clicked to accept our Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to enter into an agreement to rent our dress(s) governed by these terms and conditions.

If you have clicked to not accept our Terms and Conditions then you may not rent dresses from us.


Each dress on the website has its own calendar which you can use to identify the period of time when the dress is available to rent

All rentals will be for our standard three days or five days term. This means that there will be a nominated “Delivery Day” which will be one day prior to your three days and five days term.

There will also be a nominated “Return Day” which will be the third day of your three days term or fifth day of your five days term.

Each dress will be rented on a first come first served basis with the dresses calendar being updated when an order has been made

The order for provided on the website must be filled out in full and the information must be accurate

All information taken will be safely stored in conformance with the U.K..’s presiding data protection legislation

The cost for renting each dress is clearly stated on the website and includes one attempted drop off by the courier. If the customer fails to collect the dress at the pre-agreed time they will be charged for the cost of subsequent attempts

We will take payment on your “Order Day” being the day you place your order

At the same time we will hold your card details to cover any subsequent charges

The holding of these details is to ensure safe and timely return of the dress. The authorisation may be called upon in the following circumstances

  • Where the dress is late in being returned there will be a charge of 10% of the retail price for every day the dress is late until the 5th If the dress has not been returned by the 5th day the remainder up to the full retail value of the dress will be recovered.
  • Where the dress has been damaged beyond small repairs and dry cleaning an amount may be recovered from the pre-authorisation to cover the cost of repairs only
  • Where the dress is damaged beyond repair the full retail price will be recovered
  • Where through the customers fault the Drop off or Collection has been missed and we need to reschedule

Cancellation of the order can be made without charge three days prior to the nominated “Delivery Day”. Following that point cancellation cannot be guaranteed and it will be at our sole discretion to retain the rental value or not.

Changes to the “Delivery” and “Return” date may be requested but will only be accommodated if there is availability in the calendar of the dress in question


The “Delivery Day” for the dress will be one day prior to the start of the rental period chosen

This will be confirmed to the customer in an order confirmation email

The dress is tagged by our quality control team to confirm that there are no faults with the dress when it is delivered to you. Please check over thoroughly the dress for any faults before removing the tag. It will be possible for you to return the dress for a full refund, only if the quality control tag has NOT been removed and you contact MHD as soon as you received the dress. You’ve to send back the dress next day to claim any refund. By removing the tag you are confirming that there is no fault with the dress when you received it and confirming that you are now liable for any fault that occurs during your rental period.

Please enjoy our dress and your evening but take care not to damage. Please do not attempt to dry clean yourself we clean all the dresses and we will not charge extra for this requirement.


Please post the dress (at your own cost) to 67 Morningfield Road AB15 4AP.

Please contact MHD ASAP if you need to make any changes to the return date.

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