Rent a dress in the UK: an unstoppable trend!

Posted on March 8th, 2018 in Blog

Rent a dress in the UK: an unstoppable trend!

A few years ago the idea that you could rent
designer dress in the UK was almost unthinkable. Whilst it had started to take hold as a market in the U.S. it seems like we took a little longer to get on board. We are getting more used to renting designer dresses here now and I only see indications that this trend is only going to become more and more commonplace based on the feedback we get from clients and the social change the upcoming generations are embracing thanks in large part to technology. I’m going to dedicate a future blog to these changing trends but this one all about the feedback we get from our wonderful clients.

I’ve not met any girl who doesn’t struggle with the idea of buying multiple designer dresses per year only to wear them just once and that is why Must Have Dresses was created in the first place. Adding up the cost of all these dresses and complaining with all my friends about it made me think there just must be a better way. Since we started I’ve been fascinated by some of the feedback we have had form the girls who keep coming back for renting dresses again and again. A couple of things stood out for me:

1. Personal touch: When renting a dress our clients really enjoy coming over to our studio and working with me, sometimes over two or three sessions to the perfect dress to match your look and style (and of course to co-ordinate with your friends!)
2. Show-stopper: Lets face it we know when we’ve done our job, when the compliments are rolling in, we love to hear our clients come back with stories like that
3. Paparazzi ready: As one of our clients pointed out, working in the Oil & Gas industry you can often be one of the few ladies at an event meaning you are bound to be snapped for the social pages, just as well you rented that show-stopping dress!
4. Forever in style: Be it weddings of black-tie events, it is so common to be attending events with the same people again and again. By renting the dress our girls our girls really like that they can have a new show-stopping dress on each occasion and don’t have to compromise at all
5. Money saver: at the end of the day this one is still super important, you’ve had a fantastic evening, you know you looked a million-dollars in front of all the right people but by renting the dress you have paid a fraction of what you would have paid to buy.

I really love getting feedback from you all so keep feeding back to me, if you have never rented a designer dress from MustHaveDresses, then I hope you’ve found some great reasons here to give us a try.
Stay forever in style.

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